Is There Really a Business On the Web? Of Great Doubt, There's None.

BGreetings to you all businesspeople of “”. I have not come to misinfer to you the capability and adopting power of the internet or misrepresent the versatility, applicability, and extendability of the web in modern business. The web as we all know it today is one of the most powerful subsystems that was engraved inside a potential supersystem (the internet), and the internet works because billions of people cooperate to do things together. This technology as we all have it today has reshaped the business landscape forever and has liberated humanity from the gigantic structure and traditional way of doing business before. With no doubt in mind, one can easily claim that the internet is not just a mere technology but a blessing to the world of aliens (sorry, humanity).
As am writing, over 7.6 billion people amount of the world's population, of which 52% (4.1 billion people) are Internet users. Throughout the year 2018, over 1 billion years will be spent online by humans. With Asia taking the lead as they have a dominant share of overall internet users holding half of the world's internet participants. Contrary to what many people think, Africa users are growing at the fastest rate and will soon overtake Latin America and Europe to permanently claim #2 spot. Two-third of the world's 7.6bn inhabitants now have a smartphone (that's a whopping 5 billion people) of which 200 million people got their first mobile device in 2017. 29% of the global population is using Facebook with over 3 billion people using social media. Enough of the stats. The essence of this writeup is not to bore you with fact but with the huge rise in internet subscribers worldwide and the rate at which people dive into the core of the web consequently, there's no doubt that the digital sphere has become a vital & inevitable part of our being. A time came that some insightful entrepreneurs began to wonder if there's a way to utilize the web as a platform and conduct business on it. With the popular notion of online business these days, one has to think and ponder in his/her mind if at all there's anything like that, and that led to a prevailing question; "Is there really business on the web?"
Well, there's nothing like online business in its actual sense. This is not a lame justification, a hasty conclusion or defamation of web-business integration. It is an ultimate truth that no 21st-century entrepreneur would care to hear and obliged to. My business stance might look strange to you but sometimes, people are not really doing any business on the internet but intelligently being recruited by smart entrepreneurs to join their hidden marketing team. According to them, you make your money, they make theirs too. But the truth is that if you earn $10 from Amazon today, Amazon must have earned a hundred dollars or more. Business people don't want to hear this infallible truth and that's why many of them don't know the right way to run a business online. This is where digital marketing come into place. Marketing helps you to know how to run an enterprise. In fact, the internet wasn't primarily developed for business purpose. It was developed with the right motive and intention of collaborating the world together. Introducing to the world, a new medium for globalization, not a new podium for business. It was some cunning advertisers and clever marketers that first brought their business to the web to find common ground in a global marketplace. According to history, IBM broke this record, as they were the first company ever to adopt the internet as a functioning workstead. That's why you see people frustrated in business all the time for not realizing that the internet is more of a marketing domain than a business environment.
Over the years, Bill Gate made an awe-inspiring quote on business as he claims that “If your business is not on the internet, then your business is definitely out of business.” If we patiently look and take careful note of the emboldened word “on the,” it shows that the internet primary role and objective in business is to enable one's business to be placed on the web. This clearly vindicates that the web is nothing but an admissible platform for business. The internet is no one's invention as it's a collective development of ably race of both hardware and software engineers, and was designed with three (3) major goals in mind. That is;
1. Digitization: This doesn't emerge from the rise of the internet. It began with the advent of the computer. Creating a new form of world and a new dimension of reality. Day after day, humanities are gradually immersing themselves inside the shore of this universal but irresistible machine. The digital nature of computer was what makes it as such a versatile technology. Creating new forms of skill (digital skills) and serving as a new medium and tool for conducting businesses. This also makes it serves as an adoptable platform that any business minded person won't hesitate to use or will ever try to ignore.
2. Collaboration: With continuous growth and progress on this powerful machine (the computer), sizes were miniaturized. Code reusability, machine independence and portability was introduced. Word processing capability, spreadsheet packages, and several utility software were put into place. Indeed, the computer deserves an accolade as a machine of centuries. This trigger the quest to begin a new revolution in the computing industry by remotely collaborating the world together. The infinite struggles behind that were what gave birth to the internet and the web at large. The idea behind that was that when people are jointly connected by this fully-fledged system, a business can be effectively done on it.
3. Globalization: Beyond collaborating people together is avoiding limitations such as geographical restrictions. It's not just enough to collaborate with people together but connecting them on a global scale. This is one major factor that draws the attention of entrepreneurs worldwide and an overhead advantage it has over the traditional way of doing business.
The moment you enact your presence online, someone is already making money with your web presence and consequently bewitching you of your digital right. The greatest asset online is Human Digital Presence (HDP) and without that, money can't flow online. Over 571 websites and $272, 000 are created and spent online every second. According to Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder), he said “It's hard to find things that won't sell online.” That's just the way it is because almost overnight, the internet has evolved from being a technical wonder to a business must. Coming from the most successful internet entrepreneur, creator of the largest eCommerce store and largest shareholder of the internet economy powerhouse. It is close to a fact that the internet is ruled and tactically colonized by brave and intelligent marketers and that the web is globally perceived as a universal marketplace. In a nut shell, marketers rule the virtual world. Even on, what bounds us together as an unsegregated business family is marketing and platform utilization.
With my points clearly depicted, I stand on the notion that the web/internet is nothing but a marketing environment and that there's nothing like online business but a confusion and misrepresentation of business digitization and utilization of the internet and web collaborative feature specifically designed for remotely deploying traditional business on a digital platform.
However, this is just a means and not the end. This argument is subject to further criticism and evaluation.

Paul Sabbath

Paul Sabbath is a Nigerian computer scientist, a self-made journalist, a digital marketer and tech aficionado. In mid-2009, Sabbath started a similar media stage like but it eventually failed due to logistics reason. However, Sabbath didn't give up as he decided to use his past experience and expertise in IT Solutions and content marketing to create an outstanding news platform that will not only reach out to the world but keep them informed.

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